Where your Donations Go

By the Numbers

Kids living with cancer 10,000
Amount Donated (in 2018) $3 Million
Event Participants (in 2018) 15,500
Total Raised and Distributed (as of 2018) Over $50 million


Donation Report

In 2018, Coast to Coast Against Cancer Foundation (CTCACF) celebrated another successful year, raising and distributing $3,000,000 for deserving childhood cancer charities across Canada! We could not have done this without our amazing sponsors, donors, volunteers and of course, participants.

  • We fund important childhood cancer programs and research to improve the survival rate and quality of life for children and their families facing this deadly disease
  • Since its inception in 2003, Coast to Coast Against Cancer Foundation has directed more than $50 million to hundreds of organizations committed to supporting children and their families living with and beyond cancer in Canada
  • We raise money and awareness through four flagship fundraising events; the National Kids Cancer Ride, The Inside Ride, Tour for Kids and Tour d’Epicure and other foundational initiatives
  • Funds raised through our events are disbursed to areas of greatest need in the childhood cancer sphere through recommendations made by Coast to Coast’s knowledgeable and experienced granting committee, which ensures tangible and immediate impact

Highlights & Where the Money Goes:

National Kids Cancer Ride

  • The 2016 National Kids Cancer Ride team cycled 7000 kms from Vancouver to Halifax. Riders, volunteers and crew met and connected with hundreds of families impacted by childhood cancer. Together we inspired hope, learned about the amazing work by cancer professionals across Canada, enjoyed the warmth and comfort offered by the entire Sears Canada community and fell in love with the numerous towns and cities we visited on our journey.
  • The National Kids Cancer Ride is one of the most challenging, decorated and ambitious charity cycling events in the world benefiting childhood cancer research. Two teams of cyclists travel 7,000 kilometres, from Vancouver to Halifax in 18 days. The teams visit almost 200 communities and many of the 17 pediatric cancer facilities in Canada. All donations goes directly to fund much needed research and in hospital programs.
  • The National Kids Cancer Ride has been in existence for 9 years and in that time it has raised over $11 million, visited over 300 communities, had over 350 cyclists and over 200 volunteers. It has been recognized as Best National Cycling Event by Get Out There magazine and received an award for Best Corporate Social Responsibility Initiative by the Retail Council of Canada”

Click Here for the full National Kids Cancer Ride Beneficiary List

B.C. Children’s Hospital Foundation $91,700.00
Stollery Children’s Hospital Foundation $45,850.00
Kids Cancer Care Foundation of Alberta $50,435.00
Children’s Hospital Foundation of Saskatchewan $59,605.00
Cancer Care Manitoba Foundation $64,190.00
London Children’s Health Foundation $45,850.00
Hamilton Health Sciences Foundation $55,020.00
Hospital for Sick Children Foundation – Garron Family $275,100.00
University Hospitals Kingston Foundation $18,340.00
Children’s Hospital of Eastern Ont Foundation $55,020.00
OES $100,000.00
IWK Health Centre Foundation $50,435.00
Janeway Children’s Hospital Foundation $13,755.00
Total $925,300.00

Inside Ride

  • The Inside Ride brought the cause of childhood cancer to the fore with more than 20,000 people – riders, volunteers and organizers – at over 125 events all across Canada, not only raising much needed funds, but creating a groundswell of support for the cause, the kids and the families.
  • In 2016, The Inside Ride successfully continued it’s mandate to create a sustainable source of funding for grassroots programs for kids and families living with cancer and provided additional funding for satellite clinics and research.
  • Twenty eight different kids cancer initiatives were directly supported across Canada including: camps, scholarships, work placement and educational support for survivors and kids in treatment, financial support for families with a child in treatment, parent patient advocates, parent support groups and resources. Ground breaking research, pediatric oncology fellowships, critical clinical trials and satellite clinics for children living at distance from care centres rounded out the list of support.
  • The Inside Ride distributed funds in British Columbia, Alberta, Central Canada (Manitoba and Saskatchewan), Ontario, Quebec and Maritime Canada.
  • Summer and Year Round camp programs: $225,395.56
  • Support and Survivorship programs: $1,199,782.91
  • Research and clinical trials: $183,488.40
  • Satellite Clinics: $225,142.10

Click Here for the full Inside Ride Beneficiary List

British Columbia Childhood Cancer Parents Association (BCCCPA)
Camp Circle O’Friends
Camp Quality Eastern Ontario
Canadian Cancer Society BC Yukon – Camp Goodtimes
Canadian Cancer Society Nova Scotia – Camp Goodtime at Brigadoon
Cancer Care Manitoba Foundation
Candlelighters Newfoundland and Labrador – Camp Delight
Candlelighters Ottawa
Candlelighters Simcoe
La Fondation sur la pointes des pieds
Hamilton Health Sciences Foundation
Hearth Place Cancer Support Centre
Help a Child Smile
Helping Families Handle Cancer
SickKids Foundation
IWK Health Centre Foundation
Kids Cancer Care Foundation of Alberta
Kids with Cancer Society
Lion’s Sick Children’s Fund
Northern Ontario Familes of Children with Cancer
Ontario Parents Advocating for Chidhood Cancer (OPACC)
Pacific Northwest Children’s Cancer Society – KCCP
Pediatric Oncology Group of Ontario (POGO)
Southlake> Regional Health Centre – Pediatric Oncology Clinic
Team Finn Foundation
Trillium Health Partners Foundation – POGO Clinic
UHKF – The Children’s Cancer Fund – JKM – CNCR-X3

Tour for Kids

  • Tour for Kids is an important, sustainable source of funding for the incredible childhood cancer camp organizations in Canada. Since 2004 Tour For Kids has raised and distributed more than $16 million to these amazing organizations
  • We celebrated the 13th year of Tour for kids in 2016 with over 750 riders and volunteers participating alongside children with cancer and their families. Funding from Tour for Kids goes towards supporting kids cancer camps in Alberta, Nova Scotia and Ontario.  Camp programs provides children and their families an opportunity to experience normal childhood activities in a fun and safe environment.
    • In Alberta, $224,349.69 was donated to Camp Kindle, operated by Kids Cancer Care Foundation of Alberta.  Camp Kindle is a special place for many children and their families.  It’s a place to honour and learn from nature, from each other, from stories and experiences, pain and joy.
    • In Nova Scotia, $43,830.68 was donated to Camp Goodtime at Brigadoon Village.  Based in Nova Scotia, approximately 75 children in Atlantic Canada attend camp where children are given the chance to explore, discover, challenge, innovate and create
    • In Ontario, $836,580.53 was donated to Camp Oochigeas, Camp Quality and Camp Trillium. Each camp operates multiple locations staffed by health care professionals, volunteers and camp alumni.  Thousands of children attend year round programs that build confidence, courage and friendship in an environment rich with empathy and compassion.
  • Camp Programs: $1,104,760.90

Tour d'Epicure / 3rd Party Events

Tour d’Epicure

Funds raised from the Tour d’Epicure 1-day cycling event is committed to the rebuilding of the adventure high ropes course at Camp Trillium’s Rainbow Lake location in Waterford, Ontario and making it accessible to children in wheelchairs. Camp programs provide children and their families an opportunity to experience normal childhood activities in a fun and safe environment. The high ropes course provides a level of inclusiveness, learning, physical activity and team work previously unavailable to children in wheelchairs. It engages the child’s mind and body in a fun and healthy way as well as encouraging problem solving, team work and boosting their confidence.

3rd Party Events

The areas of funds attribution for our 3rd Party events is as varied as the events themselves. These amazing golfing, paddling, cycling and social events spear-headed by people with a passion to do great things for children with cancer and their families fund programs across Canada from Victoria to Nova Scotia. The programs vary from ground-breaking research to financial assistance, from family therapy to camp infrastructure and from clinical trials to a week of free summer camp for the whole family.

  • The amazing Bike For Tykes team of organizers, volunteers and of course spinners, who together achieved another record fundraising and participation milestone, while bringing so much fun, excitement and awareness to downtown Toronto
  • Since 2002, Ride For Karen, a fall cycling classic, supporting the three cancer camps in Ontario; Camp Trillium, Camp Quality and Camp Ooch. This year, $115,717.62 was donated to the three camps
  • And so many other events and fundraising programs, championed by people who are committed to supporting children with cancer and their families: Brampton Rotary Rib N Roll, Fan Expo Breakfast with the Stars, the Toss ’Em Up for Childhood Cancer ring toss tournament, and so many more amazing, uplifting and inspiring events.

$204,217.62 to Childhood Cancer Camps
$381,399.25 to Research
$41,891.00 to Financial & Family Support

Total: $627,507.87

What our Beneficiaries Say:

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Camp Kindle

We are delighted to report that, despite record rainfall in July, we have completed another remarkable summer at Camp Kindle. Thanks to the support from Coast to Coast Against Cancer through the Tour for Kids Alberta ride along with other generous donors, we have seen a steady increase in the number of children and families who have enjoyed one of our camp programs over the past several years. Please note that our Calgary SunRise campers are not included in the 2016 totals as they did not spend an overnight at camp this year. Your investment in our camp programs this year has had significant impact.

Click here for the full report

Camp Quality

Hi Jeff, and the Coast to Coast Against Cancer team!
I hope you enjoyed the holidays and are all ringing in the new year with optimism and joy! I wanted to take a moment to say thank you, once again, for your continued support. As you know, there are about 12,000 families affected by childhood cancer in Canada today, and your help has enabled Camp Quality Canada to serve more and more of them! There are about 5,000 of those families in Ontario alone, so your commitment to us, as well as our friends at Trillium and Oochigeas, reminds us that we are not riding alone. In fact, your support has been instrumental in helping us see ourselves as members of an amazing team with a shared mission to support kids and rebuild families who have been hit by this truck we call cancer.
Over the past year, in addition to running 7 weeks of camp, CQ has been spending a lot of time restructuring our organization. We found that we just couldn’t grow without a change in how we see ourselves and how we work with those around us. We did a needs assessment and found some great people and resources to help guide us through the process. It’s been a truly eye-opening experience and in the end, we’ve restructured, added a few key staff, reconfigured our governance model, and mapped out a four year plan to continually improve our programs and reach more kids. Through our assessment, speaking with families, and listening to kids, we’ve also established a new set of success criteria for all of our programs, and have been rolling this out across our camps.
The road ahead will not be easy. With most our camps already at capacity, we will need to do a lot to be able to accommodate more kids. Our four year goal is to more than double to number of kids at CQ camps across Canada. For this year, that means we’ll be busy working on the following things:
•    Moving our Southern Ontario camp to a larger location in Simcoe County at YMCA Camp Cedar Glenn. This will allow us to take on about 40 more campers in 2017!
•    Reaching out to more families who live in northern Ontario who don’t have the same access to programs and resources as families in the south.
•    Launching a new Adolescent and Young Adult leadership program designed to give young survivors the tools they need to not only survive beyond cancer, but to be awesome Canadians as well. We will be working more with POGO’s SAVTI program on this multi-year endeavour, which culminates in young adults leading a self-funded adventure to help make Canada an even better place.
•    Redesigning our educational puppet theatre program, which engages elementary students in understanding what it means to be a real friend to someone who’s sick, disabled or different
•    Adding more, year-round, family camp programs in the regions we serve.
As you can tell, we’re excited to continue with our holistic approach to helping kids with cancer by making them stronger, both inside and out, and by making those around them stronger as well.
We’re excited that you have continued to work with us for so long, and look forward to your support in 2017 as we do even more to turn life’s challenges into adventures.
We have been thinking about an event over the last few months and would love to chat with you about it sometime soon if you have the time. We’d also love to get your thoughts on how we might be able to help make Tour for Kids even better for 2017. I’m not sure of your availability over the next few weeks, but I’d love to find a time to take you for lunch, or bring you a coffee!
All the very best,

Brendan Turner
Executive Director
Camp Quality Canada
T: 416.406.2267 C:416.471.6226  TF: 1.866.738.8011
1444 Queen St. E, Toronto, ON  M4L 1E1

Camp Trillium

Dear Jeff:

“We as a family enjoyed Camp Trillium Rainbow Lake, for many years and it helped us through a tough time with our son Alexander who was diagnosed with Leukemia at age 2. We didn’t know how we would make it but Alexander’s special friend said something that has lived with us for over 20 years, ‘No one knows what tomorrow will hold but now you have 100 new friends to help make every day better.’ The 100 friends grew over the years. I am very proud to tell you that Alexander is now 23 years old and finishing up his Bachelor of Education.”
Very proud parent, camper, and donor Jonathan

I look forward to the end of the year because we hear from our many supporters and families who tell us why camp is so important to them. All of us have come together in 2016 to ensure that every child diagnosed in the province of Ontario and their families has a special place to come to get away from cancer treatment and its lifelong effects. I haven’t heard from Jonathan in a few years and then this new year we heard how well Alexander is doing. I can tell you 20 years ago no one knew what Alexander’s future held and now he will be teaching future generations.

Your gift of $738,080.53 makes all the difference. You supported 8 camps this year. 1 family camps at Rainbow Lake, 1 family camp at Our Island, 2 central camps, 1 southwestern camp, 1 eastern camp, 2 winter camps and half of a ropes course. Your gift is 1/4 of our operations annually and a huge part Camp Trillium this year and for the past 11 years.

Words are never enough to thank the people that put their hearts and souls into organizing, raising funds for and riding in Tour for Kids but always know that your efforts are never taken lightly and that we appreciated everything you, your volunteers and staff do.

2016 was a challenge for everyone. I know that you dug deep for the level of support we received this year and we all have to work together to make Tour for Kids, Tour D’Epicure and Ride for Karen successful in 2017.

Warm Regards,
Director of Fundraising

Breakdown of Funds

In 2016 we distributed funds to more than fourty childhood cancer organizations all across Canada. These organizations are making a difference for children with cancer: hospitals care for children and conduct research into new treatments and cures for childhood cancer; the childhood cancer camps help kids and their families forget what they’re going through and enjoy just being a kid again; and many organizations that provide the support programs, including financial, to help families when their children are fighting cancer.

360 Degree Approach


In 2016, Coast to Coast Against Cancer Foundation distributed $4,100,000 to organizations in every province in Canada, from British Columbia to Newfoundland and Labrador, that have committed to helping children with cancer and their families:

  • $1,330,156.46 to the many camp organizations that give children a break from their cancer. These organizations work year-round, at summer camp locations, at city camps and even in the hospitals to help bring the fun and relief of a camp experience to the children who most need it. We are proud to support Camp Trillium, Camp Quality, Camp Oochigeas and Kids Cancer Care Alberta and many other camp organizations
  • $1,428,000 to help fund almost twenty organizations in communities across Canada that support children with cancer and their families. This often involves helping families pay the rent or mortgage or other bills when they are unable to work because they are caring for a sick child
  • $1,310,000 to fund important pediatric oncology research projects at children’s hospitals all across Canada
  • Included in these amounts above, is a $700,000 donation to Toronto Hospital for Sick Children (SickKids) in support of pediatric oncology research at the Peter Gilgan Centre for Research and Learning (PGCRL) at SickKids. This completes our 5-year, $4 million commitment to SickKids one full year ahead of schedule.

How is this impacting children with cancer?

The funds raised and distributed by Coast to Coast Against Cancer Foundation are positively and measurably impacting the lives of children with cancer and their families. Our mission is to fund organizations and programs that;

  • Improve the quality of life of children with cancer through programs of support and inclusion such as the camp organizations provide
  • Conduct research that results in fewer children being diagnosed with cancer, new drugs and treatment protocols that improve survival rates and diminish the negative health consequences of treatments and improve the long term health prospects of children with cancer
  • Assist families with the financial burdens of caring for a child with cancer so that they can recover more quickly, return to their families, friends and schools, healthy in body and spirit, with improved prospects of leading a healthy, satisfying and productive life

Learn more about the impact of the investment in these programs:

So where did all the money come from?

In 2016, Tour For Kids and the National Kids Cancer Ride each raised more than $1 million, while the Inside Ride raised over $1.5 million. In addition, many passionate champions and advocates of childhood cancer programs organized events such as Bike for Tykes (which raised a record $320,000 toward research at SickKids), the Ride For Karen team, the Fan Expo team with their Breakfast with the Stars event, and many other amazing events.


Foundation Goals

The vision of Coast to Coast Against Cancer Foundation is a world beyond kids cancer. The reality is that children will continue to be diagnosed with cancer, that parents will continue to be told “You child has cancer”. To help children and parents navigate through this maelstrom of pain, suffering, stress and strain, we remain committed to our mission of improving the quality of life and health outcomes of children living with and beyond cancer. Our goal is to ensure that every child with cancer and their families all across Canada have access to the programs and support that help them through their journey.

As a fundraising organization, we raise funds which in turn are distributed to organizations that deliver childhood cancer support and research programs. The three core areas that we fund are: 1) childhood cancer research conducted at children’s hospitals and childhood cancer research centres, 2) quality of life programs such as camps, for children and their families, and 3) family support programs that help offset some of the financial burdens faced by families with children with cancer.

As such these are our goals:

2017 – New fundraising programs and increased funding

During 2017 we are investing in new fundraising programs that will drive additional fundraising in existing regions and new fundraising in new regions. Overall, our goal is to increase funding of programs to over $5 million in 2017. We will also modify our staffing model so that Board members and staff will be more involved with pediatric oncology research committees. This will provide us with a clearer understanding of where increased gift giving can impact the health outcomes of children with cancer.

2018 – Expand fundraising and program funding into new regions of Canada

Our mid-term goal is to drive existing and new fundraising programs in other major regions of Canada such and British Columbia, Alberta and the Maritimes. This will result in program funding across these regions that will more closely relate to population distributions. This means that a key goal is to increase fundraising in these regions by $500,000 or 50% over 2016 (estimated at $1 million in 2016) and increase program funding in those regions by similar amounts. An additional mid-term goals is to bring our program funding in balance: 33% for research; 33% for quality of life; and 33% for family support.

2021 – National coverage will enable support for every child in Canada

Our long-term goal is to be established as a national leader in fundraising and childhood cancer program funding all across Canada. Our 2021 goal is to raise over $10 million and to support childhood cancer programs in every region in Canada. This is an increase of more than 100% over 2015 program funding. This will ensure that every child and family in Canada that faces cancer will be supported, will have access to the best treatment and will have every opportunity for the best quality of life during and following treatment.

Our volunteers and sponsors make it possible for us to achieve our commitment to distribute our receipted donations. We strive to advance both our volunteer and sponsor programs to ensure that we can continue to operate as efficiently and effectively as possible. Expanding our sponsorship base, especially at the Foundation level, is critical for our sustainability and continued operation at the national level.

On behalf of the 10,000 families across Canada living with childhood cancer, we thank everyone who has contributed. You are making a difference.

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