Fundraising Ideas

Are you looking for ideas on how to raise money? Look no further – we offer up some ideas and tips to get you off the ground!

At work…

  • Hold a fundraising event at work with your team or a group effort with all the registered teams.  Make sure you have approval on your event idea first.  Here are some creative ideas to help get you started:
  • Start by asking your friends to support the cause by pledging your effort.
  • Team Car Wash – offer to wash your colleagues’ cars in your parking lot for a small fee.
  • Candy-Grams – purchase candy in bulk.  Sell the candy-grams for a twoonie.
  • Bake Sale – recruit colleagues to bake their favourite treats.  Hold a sale in the lunch area. Sell baked good for a $1 to $2.
  • Used Book Sale – get your team to ask their friends, family and neighbours to donate books/magazines they are no longer using and sell them for a few dollars each.
  • Casual Day – ask your management to allow an official Tour For Kids Casual Day.  For the privilege of dressing casual, colleagues must make a donation of $5 or $10.
  • Raffle – secure small prizes. Sell raffle tickets for each prize and hold a lunch time event to see who wins!
  • 50/50 Draw – sell tickets for a lottery draw where one half of the pot will go to the winning ticket holder and the other half will go to Tour For Kids.


At home…

  • Movie Party – host a movie party at your house. Rent a new release, make popcorn, and invite your friends over for a movie night. Ask them to donate what they would have spent if they had gone to the movie theatre.
  • Start a spare change box at home – ask your family to contribute their extra coins.


Your virtual neighbourhood…

  • Send an email to your contact list –let everyone in your virtual world know that you are participating in Tour For Kids. Send them information about the cause and ask them to use the online donation page for your organization.
  • Facebook, MySpace
  • Twitter
  • Text your list of friends
  • Your blog or website, your friends’ blogs or websites…


Your connections….

  • Touch base with contacts where you work out
  • Belong to some kind of club, community group or religious affiliation? Take them some information, they might pass the hat.



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