Tour for Kids

Tour For Kids is the epic 3-day, 300 to 600 km cycling adventure of the summer. Tour some quiet out-of-way country roads and a challenging and rewarding experience.

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Tour for Kids is a challenging and rewarding multi day cycling adventure in 3 provinces: Alberta, Nova Scotia and Ontario.  Together, we raise funds and awareness for childhood cancer benefiting kids cancer camps: Camp Kindle, Camp Trillium, Camp Quality and Camp Oochigeas.

Tour for kids isn’t just about conquering cancer, it’s about making a meaningful, immediate and lasting difference in the lives of kids with cancer today.  As more children survive childhood cancer, social interaction with peers and being able to manage day to day activities with limited mobility is key to the success of their recovery.

Cancer camp, isn’t just fun or just camp – it’s a way of delivering care to children and families with childhood cancer.  Quite simply, camp is good medicine.


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