Dancy Pants Edmonton

Undeniably, when kids are given the opportunity to dress up in costume, they will.  And by kids, I mean adults.  Although a medal is awarded to a team for best costumes, we always like to take the time to acknowledge those who took a chance and dressed up. Hats off…they wish…to the Care Bears who left two sizes smaller after riding in giant fleece Onsies.  Also to those that embraced their inner Pirate in the shadow of the mall’s galleon, giving many needy children the opportunity to go at their parents, and each other, with swords.

We were lucky enough to find some new pals who wore their Dancy Pants on this  marvelous day.  Dancy Pants are more of a spiritual pair of slacks that all children are born with.  They learn it before language, before they can actually say the words “I am super happy right now”  It’s not “Dance Like Nobody’s Watching”, it’s “Watch! I’m Dancing!”

Before the event started and the dancing really began, I met Naomi.  I was sitting on the side of the stage, fiddling with my camera and she came over to let me know she was not afraid of the dark.  At camp, she told me, they put glow sticks all over her so they don’t lose her at night.  Where was this technology when I used to babysit?

This little girl had eyes I will never forget.  Her brother DJ and sister Pheobe had the same eyes but lacked the staunch wisdom that Naomis held from the places she’d been and back.  The dark ones that she isn’t scared of.

As the event got underway and the records continued to be smashed, Dancy Pants battled it out with cycling pants.  Samual got his moves on once he finished his turn on the bike, and then at swashbuckling.  Autumn didn’t get a lot of dancing in because she was riding her beautiful face off for her brother Eli.  Naomi rode the bike and then rode shoulders pumping her fist like she meant business.  A little pirate that didn’t need a sword.

It was a day filled with energy and positivity and a clear indication of where this National Inside Ride Tour is headed.  We will be back and we will all once again wear our Dancy Pants together.

Guest Blogger Anna Gustafson 

2012 N.I.R. Crew

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