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Jeff and Kevin proved their mettle during the 2002 Coast-to-Coast event. This year's confident relay team is rounded out by four strong recreational cyclists equally committed to the cause.


Jeff Rushton, Business Executive
I have been married for 17 years to my wonderful wife Diane, and have two lovely children, a 9 year old boy named Skylar and a 6 year old girl named Brooklyn.
My passion is family, cyling, seeing teams succeed, and community work. I am trying to have a direct impact on cancerby being a volunteer member of the Board of Directors of Candlelighters Canada and the international Peleton Project mentor for the Lance Armstrong Foundation. My goal is to turn Coast to Coast into a significant annual event that makes a significant positive impact on children and their families that are impactd by cancer.


Kevin Wallace, Bike Store Owner
Kevin is the founder and co-owner of Gears Bike Shop and a 5 year Pro Mountain bike rider. His accomplishments include:

• Riding 5000 km in 24 days to help raise $185,000 for Cancer. The First C2C ride From California to Florida. First Place in the changing the flat tire event at the "Guys Guts and Guinness weekend"
• Founder of the Gears 24-Hour Spin which has raised over 1 million dollars to date for cancer.
• 24th place at the 2000 Eco-Challenge, Borneo, Malaysia. Team Sunlight.
• Dedicated to continue to be a part of great team events, like C2C, that help create awareness for Cancer.

    Fredrik Carlberg, Art Director
Age 40, married to Lesley for 13 years with three wonderful children Natalie 10, Marissa 8 and Stefan 6. I feel privileged and honored to be part of the team and cycling for such a great cause. I hope that my brief six-year recreational cycling resume can endure the Canadian landscape. As monumental as this event may seem, my participation in this event has been by choice, unlike the many families and children that are struck by cancer every year. These people are the true heroes in life, and the champions of the battles that matter most. I certainly hope that my small role plays a large part to the success of this event and the success of the many cancer programs who will benefit from Coast-to-Coast 2003.
    Scott Graham, Marketing Strategist
It's rewarding to help these two charities care for children whose playtime has been interrupted by cancer. For society at large, long-term reduction in cancer incidence is linked to caring for our environment, protecting our food chain and minimizing personal risks such as smoking. There is an immediate need, however, to enrich the lives of brave children currently battling cancer. I ride to put ailing families on the road to survivorship and in appreciation of the health of my family, especially my spirited son Robbie.

Hamish Gordon, Real Estate Agent
Age 45. Life is short, so I want to make the ride through it as long and as meaningful as possible.
My 17-year ride with my wife, Lucie, and our two gorgeous girls Pascale (13) and Fabienne (11) is my greatest and most fulfilling accomplishment. My family is my "raison d'etre." I'm riding Coast to Coast to fight cancer to keep them healthy and to celebrate my own health. If you don’t use it you’ll lose it. My equally passionate Mother, my cousin Andrea, and my mother in law all survived breast cancer while my Aunt Joy tragically succumbed to breast cancer at the age of 57 in the early 80s. Today’s cancer research may have saved her. Many think we are crazy to train 6 months to attempt this 24/7 relay across Canada, doing nothing is 10 times scarier. As the son of a foreign service diplomat who traveled the world for 28 years I discovered that my family and friends right here in Mississauga is the best place on earth.

    Jamie Layfield, Medical Sales
38, proud father of Emily age 10. I am excited to be a part of the C2C team for 2003 after my brief ride with last year's team. It feels incredible to train, organize and prepare for this event with such a dedicated energetic group of people. I hope our efforts inspire others to support the charities we are riding for and help's to ease the pain that this disease brings to so many families.
  Alternate Riders   If one of the cyclists should become injured, alternate cyclists will be available to continue the ride. When they are not cycling, they wil be helping out with other responsibilities.


  Mitch Kennedy
Finance Manager: There is so much good in the world; all we need to do is tap into this positive force. I am honored to be part of the Coast to Coast team, and the energy of this event. The passion of doing something... anything... good feels amazing, and the thought that this ride can have a positive impact on those with cancer is very rewarding, thus, providing me the fuel to propel me across the country.
    Erik Jensen, National Business Development Manager
Not a day goes by in my life that I am not reminded of the devastating impact that Cancer has had and continues to have on those around me. When close family members fought hard against the disease and lost, feelings of helplessness were prevalent. Becoming involved in fundraising events such as the C2C ride and 24 Hour Spin, have made me feel as though I was somehow, in a small way making a contribution. Playing a support role and that of a support rider in the C2C ride last year, allowed me to witness first hand the positive effect that such a ride had on entire communities and the people in them. The passion that this team possesses is contagious and I feel privileged to once again be part of the ride. Spreading the word and excitement with colleagues has inspired them to become more actively involved in personal fitness and in a variety of fundraising events in their own communities. As a result of my association with Jeff and Kevin and the other members of the team, my feelings of helplessness have transformed into feelings that I am helping to make a difference and I know that my dad and mother-in-law would be very proud.