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A grass-roots school program has been developed to encourage children to participate in C2C. Last year, numerous schools raised money and followed the team on-line. In addition to discussions about cancer and healthy life-style choices, classes studied geography, science and volunteer work.

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Create a fund-raising event that involves your school community. Keep us up to date on your collections and we'll post / update totals on this site! At the end of your effort, send us a cheque payable to either charity.

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Need a simple fundraising idea? How about this one!

Provide each child in your class with a "Toonies for tires" card (right). Ask them to attach toonies where indicated.

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Do you have another idea? Use your imagination and help Childhood Cancer Foundation Candlelighters any way you can! Share your ideas with us! Sign-up your school to take part in this existing fundraiser now!