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Please note, there are numerous variables determining our speed. Our itinerary is subject to change during the ride. View the daily GPS updates for accurate positioning.

JUNE 14 Day 1 Start in Vancouver, BC, to Revelstoke, BC (MAP)
JUNE 15 Day 2 Revelstoke, BC to Medicine Hat, Alberta (MAP)
JUNE 16 Day 3 Medicine Hat via Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan
to Winnipeg, Manitoba (MAP)
JUNE 17 Day 4 Winnipeg to Duluth, Minnesota (MAP)
JUNE 18 Day 5 Duluth to Rapid River, Michigan (MAP)
JUNE 19 Day 6 Rapid River to Sarnia, Ontario (MAP)
JUNE 20 Day 7 Sarnia via Hamilton, Toronto to Brockville, Ontario (MAP)
JUNE 21 Day 8 Brockville to Riviere-du-Loup, Quebec (MAP)
JUNE 22 Day 9 Riviere-du-Loup to Maitland, Nova Scotia (MAP)
JUNE 23 Day 10 Maitland to Halifax, Nova Scotia (MAP)