Kevin Wallace

Day 8 – June 21st 9pm (leaving Quebec)

Well, what can I say…. With 2490 kms logged and 82 hours saddle time one would have to say that I have a passion for riding my bike. By the end of this trip I will have hoped to ridden over 3000 kms and over 100 hours saddle time.

I have never been able to travel much around Canada since I have been spending all of my time building Gears and working alongside Ira countless hours 7 days a week. Recently my role has changed since we have such an amazing team at Gears who are fully capable and I trust them to run the store without me.

The full time staff of Ron and Havi, Ian and Jay, George and Andrew are considered by Ira and myself to be the best employees in the industry and I regard them more like friends and family rather than employees.

Thank you Shipp, Casey, Mike T, McMuffin, Little Lance, Dylan, Matucci, Cam, Jess, Laura, and the pups for letting me chase my dreams across this beautiful Country that we all should be proud of, From the majesty of the mountains to the stillness of the prairies and the diverse beauty of the east I would have to say that If something were ever happen to me then I hope heaven would be the same as these last few days. Minus the excruciating pain in my rear end. With the encouragement of friends and family I believe that surviving anything is possible and accomplishing anything is achievable. Please don’t wait until tomorrow to chase all of your Dreams and allow yourself to experience what this beautiful country has to offer!
To all the 9:30 spinning ladies I am able to ride these miles because you guys are the best training partners I have ever had. I will workout on a spin bike forever because it has transformed my mind and body to do things I never thought possible.
Rose you are on my mind for everyone of those 3000 kms. I love you and I can’t to play paintball you and the kids when I get home.

I love the Lance Armstrong quote: " I want to live to a hundred years old. Screaming down a mountain on my bike at 70 miles an hour and then expiring happy." Let’s all simply be happy and hopefully one day expect for all of us to live to a hundred plus.
This will be my last update because I hope to be on my bike every spare moment I have to the final push to Halifax!

Thanks to everyone who rode with us through Missisauga and out of Toronto. Doug Sole for playing the Drums and all my friends that showed up at the local Starbucks, the community that Gears is located in is the absolute best community in the world

Day 6 – June 19, 2003 9 pm (approaching Ontario)

I don’t have much time to explain the details of how our team is really pushing the limits.
The support team is maxed out on sleep deprivation and the riders are pushing their physical limits way beyond expectations. Deadlines and scheduling really have us pushing forward in a most powerful way.

this is truly a team effort. We (the riders) are able to achieve huge mileage because of alll the support we are being given. Especially Dr Pat Hewitt.. Dr Pat has been tirelessly feeding us with a highly nutricious diet that has been monitring to the calorie to maintain top performance out of us for each ride. I am highly grateful that we are able to push our ability to the absolute limit because of the watchful caretaking of Dr Pat.

Lon the massage therapist has been focussing on working out the garbage of our used up legs and refreshing them inbetween 140 km stints. even though Wwe are secluded in a tight area with 8 to 10 guys at any given time in this relatively tight quarters of the RV. Everyone on this team team is being patient and polite to each other because no one is losing perspective about what this ride about.

Ron Mitchell is spending endless hours a day parked at the small coffee table in the RV writing the great reports for the web and reading dedications to the riders transmitted by radio to an ear piece in all the riders ears while we are pounding out the grueling miles. We are hearing both heart wrenching and inspiring stories from the victims and survivors of cancer. Every time a dedication is read to us while we are on the bike - our average speed ussually picks up a bit and we forget about our aching bums and strained muscles because it pales in comparison.
There isn't a day that goes by that i am not reminded of another friend, aqcuantance or family is affected by Cancer and this has to STOP!!! This is why i am riding and i hope it helps something or someone somehow even in the smallest of ways.

I have learned that this team cares and metaphor of this team proves that with strong support we can be convinced to live or go beyond what we ever thought possible. Cancer is vulnerable to strong support teams, family members, friends, physical fitness, and positivity.
This team cares and Cancer hates that as well.

Thanks to everyone who is listening to this teams efforts.

Kevin Wallace

Day 2 — June 15, 2003 9:30PM Mountain Time

Finally.. a chance to do an update. After two days of riding and five three days of preparation beforehand. I am finally starting to feel like we are falling into a groove.

Already the trip has been full of purpose and meaning. On the way out I sat beside a nice couple on the plane. The women noticed our gang dressed in the C2C t-shirt and she asked me about what we were doing. I told her the details and also mentioned that one of the main reasons I was riding is because my mom had passed away from Cancer 10 years ago. At that moment her husband had popped his head up because the ironic thing was is that this couple was flying out west on the same flight to perhaps spend the last weekend with mom who is on her last days of the fight with breast Cancer. Coincidence? Maybe. However, I had a strong sence that it wasn’t.

I thought To myself that if their was something ddvaluable that I have learned over the 10 years of grieving my mothers demise then knows the chance to maybe share that knowledge. As I tried to summarize ten years into one piece of advice. I realized at this moment that the grieving for my mom is finally over.. It has taken along time because I loved my mom dearly. Although doing events like this coast to coast ride and the gears 24 hour spin have given me the opportunity to really spend quality time thinking about my mom and the many others that are affected by this disease. At first I use to think "why me" but after learning about all the people on a day to day basis that are either diagnosed, battling or surviving the disease then I can’t help but think "why not me!!"

I have no choice but to participate in this ride and ride as much as I can because that is all I know what to do when it comes to fighting Cancer. I know that Cancer is vulnerable to physical fitness, supporting each other and sharing stories of experience to help each other through our first experience with the disease. Daily dedications are bringing tears to our eyes and lending us strength to keep riding. Words of encouragement are helping us break personal bests on our bikes.

Day 1 I rode 380 km’s and today I am going to ride another 300 km’s. Why? I am not sure. All I know is that after dealing with cancer in the family I am perhaps happy that life goes on and there are still many amazing people left alive to share it with. Especially my beautiful wife Rose. Who I think about about every km. My two amazing step kids Andrew and Johnathan. This amazing C2C team from the riders to our support team, My sister Alison, My mom’s sister Auntie Marg and uncle Victor and of course Ira and my family at Gears. Thanks for letting me ride and fulfilling this dream that I feel I have to do!

I am just going to lay down for 1 hour before Scott G and I get on our bikes from 12 am to 4 am. Can’t wait…

Kevin Wallace.