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A very important component of Coast-to-Coast is recognizing individuals and families that have been impacted by cancer. Each 100 km stretch will be dedicated to groups of these courageous people.

Dedications will be announced to the cyclists at the start of each 100km stretch and posted on the web site. There is no charge for dedications and no donation is necessary.
Please provide a picture and a brief write up and/or download this dedication form (Word file), and send it to:

Day 1 Day 2 Day 3
Meagan Bebenek
Mary Tidey
Lorraine Isabel Dinsdale
Ashley Medina
Stephen Morse
Heather McHale
Bertha, Margaret, Keith
Lynda Martel
Trevor Johnson
Doug Barr
Matthew Ricketts
Linda Bolte Whitlock and family
Cindi Martindale
Hannah Aileen Munro
Dan Wilkinson
Wayne Lehman
Ann Cannon

Vi Correy
Mary Tweeddale
Betty Ann Phelps
Laura Ann Dowling
Georgette Thomson
Jordan Moxam
Rachael Ayling
Heather Cleland
Jane Knight
Day 4 Day 5 Day 6
Charles E. Madison
Katherine McInnis
Josephine Couraud
Katie Graham
Janet (Jay) DeAngelis
Edward DeAngelis
Georgina Gonzalez
Hazel Abrahamson
Doris M. Durkin
Susan S. Durkin
Rebecca's Nana
Crystal Wong
George "Brit" Britton
Carol Hogg
Douglas Gates
Andrew Mantycki
Nicole Marie Westergaard Sarah Ray
Fred Ward
Arthur Caron
Peter Damianakis
Rita Lietz

Jerry Marcuz
Lois Clark
Dillon Sligter
Yossi Chaim Paley
Fujitsu Employees
Virginia Mitchell
James Jack
Mildred Clarke
Eleanor Sharratt
Mary Dass
Norm Beznoska
Chris Steffan
Sil Steffan
Chris Steel

Day 7 Day 8 Day 9
Sally Gordon
Arya Shirzad
Laurette Gauthier
Dennis Couperthwaite
Joanne Klauke-Labelle
Dorothy Rushton
Matthew Rodrigues
Joseph Kure
Beverly Joan Tremblay Sandra Bausmer
Ruth Diefenbacher

Pierrette Cousineau
Patrick Labrecque
Karen Tobias
Mike Bowmaster
Jean-Pierre Drevillon
Allan Trout
Betsy Smith
Kerry Vandendriessche
Doris Margaretha Willard
Valerie Yvonne Willard
Joan Holden
Arthur George Williams
Janet Blades
Katherine C. Horney
Robbie Keats
Teresa (Terry) Attard
Lindsay Robichaud
Madeleine Braun
Eileen Caron
Ron Prather
Merridy Morley
Mary Boddie
Helen and Robert Hewitt
Mattika Vanderbrug
Myra Anne Powell
Erin Powell
Day 10    
Arnold Rushton
Elizabeth Wallace
Carolyn Rushton
Carol (Toni) Squires
Gasper Vario
Hilary Henley
Jocelyne Stager
Ed Maher
Harold Saffrey
Colleen Montgomery
Norman Robson
Rachael Kerr

Christine Boyce
Jeanne Boyce Dippold
Sylvia Melville
Declan O’Connor
Rick Sacharuk
Simin Amirmoazami
Joan Beatty
Doug Day
Catherine MacRae
Norah Stephen

Helen Auger
Dorothy Rushton
Carletta Marsman
Rory Windrum
Sara Kowalski
Jason Collin
Margaret Clayton