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Ride for the Roses Cycling Jersey, signed by Lance Armstrong
courtesy Kevin Wallace

A one of a kind Ride for the Roses jersey signed by Lance Armstrong. Proceeds go to LAF or Trillium depending if CDN or US resident.



Harley $ 600.00
Andrew Titley $ 500.00
Laura Poce $ 200.00
Roxanne White $ 120.00
Vicki Wasylycia $ 100.00

Nike Limited Edition Lance Armstrong Ascent Compass Watch
courtesy Nike

Designed and engineered for three-time Tour de France champion Lance Armstrong. Features include a digital compass, a thermometer, a barometric weather forecaster, a super-sensitive altimeter using Nike's Zero Drift Technology, as well as timing information and multiple alarms. (value $380.00 CDF)



Dan Watt $ 400.00
Steve Keenan-Chyc $ 365.00
Dan Watt $ 350.00
Steve Keenan-Chyc $ 340.00
Dan Watt $ 325.00
Steve Keenan-Chyc $ 310.00
Dan Watt $ 300.00
Steve Keenan-Chyc $ 275.00
Mitch Kennedy $ 250.00
Gary Temush $ 225.00
Derek MacNeil $ 200.00
Ron $ 150.00
Ashley Kirk $ 100.00

Specialized Hotrock 24" Girls
courtesy Hamish Gordon

With a Cr-Mo frame, this one is every bit as big and tough as our boys' bikes, but with features like a Mini-Mountain saddle with springs, high rise handlebars, easy moving twist-shifters and fast rolling Mt. Baldy tires, the Girls 24 has all the right touches to make a girl smile. (value $450.00 CDF) Colour may vary.



Fabienne Gordon $ 302.00
Fredrik Carlberg $ 275.00
D. Harris $ 260.00
Niki Mrvelj $ 233.33
Fabienne Gordon $ 225.00
Fredrik Carlberg $ 200.00

Specialized Hotrock 24" Boys
courtesy Don Marland

Wanna be the curb hoppin' king of the cul-de-sac? Then our completely new HotRock 24 is your ride, with its ultra aggressive and durable Cr-Mo steel main frame, forged crank with dual-roller chain tensioner, expert jumping saddle, rise handlebars, fat platform pedals, and a 24" version of our Roller extreme condition tire. (value $450.00 CDF) Colour may vary.



Ken Opper $ 350.00
Stephanie Stevens $ 300.00
Jay Clark $ 275.00
Stephanie Stevens $ 250.00
Leo Cianciolo $ 175.00
Jay Clark $ 150.00



Boblbee Backpack (Megalopolis)
courtesy of The Boomerang Group Inc.

Very cool! The Boblbee backpack combines materials and components in a radicaly new way with the monocoque hardshell being the obvious highlight within the system. Combined with the flexible back plate, Boblbee offers a perfect synergy of comfort and ergonomics as well as support and protection. Your laptops, CD's and other electronic devices are well protected within the Boblbee backpack. This is the Megalopolis version. (value $350.00 CDF - in-line skates and skateboard not included)



Noah Mrvelj $ 222.22
Hamish Gordon $ 200.00
Niki Mrvelj $ 165.00
Skylar Rushton $ 160.00
Lothar Harbecke $ 150.00
Paul Skafel $ 125.00
Laura Poce $ 100.00
Niki Mrvelj $ 75.00
Skylar Rushton $ 50.00


Giro Pneumo Rabobank Team
Limited Edition Helmet
courtesy of Gears Bike Shop

Giro Pneumo Team Robobank Limited Edition-19 vents make Giro Pneumo helmet one of the most aerodynamic road helmets on the market. Weighs only 256 grams. Comes with storage unit to protect your helmet from damage when it's not on your head. Ideal for coast-to-coast rides. (value $280.00 CDF)



Dave Bell $ 325.00
Mitch Kennedy $ 300.00
Joanne Uhlmann $ 250.00
Don Marland $ 200.00
Emily Layfield $ 175.00
Niki Mrvelj $ 160.00
Robbie Graham-Kuntz $ 150.00
Noah Mrvelj $ 120.00
Fredrik Carlberg $ 110.00
Vicki Wasylycia $ 100.00


Alison Sydor World Championship Jersey

My jersey this season is a very special one to me, as the Trek/VW team has custom made me a beautiful National Championship jersey. The World Championship jersey is wonderful of course, but I am really proud to be able to wear the 'maple leaf' in my 2002 campaign on the world cup circuit. There are only 10 of these jerseys being made! Remember I am a size small, so the jersey would not fit Kevin or Jeff.



Dan Ferko* $1,000.00
Skylar Rushton $ 560.00
Bob Rose $ 550.00
Andrew Titley $ 500.00
James Layfield $ 425.00
Harley $ 410.00
James Layfield $ 400.00
Harley $ 350.00
Niki Mrvelj $ 325.00
Ira Kargel $ 300.00
Lisa Gibson $ 250.00
Mitch Kennedy $ 200.00
Hamish Gordon $ 175.00
Vicki Wasylycia $ 150.00
Laura Poce $ 125.00
Indira Wulf $ 100.00
Fredrik Carlberg $ 75.00

*If I am fortunate enough to get it, I would like to have Alison's jersey given to Skylar Rushton as a small token of thanks for the time forgone with dad, so that Jeff could do so much to help so many!! Dan Ferko