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Although great strides in treatment and care have been made, childhood cancer is still the leading disease-related cause of death for Canadian children. We remember those children and teens who have touched our lives in so many ways and their legacies live on.

laura-hillier In Memory of Laura Carol Hillier

April 11, 1997 – January 20, 2016

“Life is a song… sing it ’til your heart’s content.” Laura

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Welcome to Laura’s cause to improve Ontario’s program for stem cell transplantation.

Since this fund opened in January 2016, over $30,000 has been raised! In December 2016, this balance was donated to the Juravinski Hospital in Hamilton’s ‘Tomorrow Stems From You’ campaign.  We will continue to collect funds in Laura’s name to help this cause until a program of excellence is in place for stem cell transplantation in all of Ontario.

Thank you all for your generous contributions to Laura’s cause to improve the stem cell transplantation program in Ontario. Thanks to Laura’s advocacy and the commitment of many physicians and politicians, capital builds/expansions are now underway to create new wards dedicated to stem cell transplantation at Juravinski Hospital, The Ottawa Hospital and Princess Margaret Hospital.   In addition, a new stem cell transplant centre will be created at Sunnybrook Hospital in Toronto.  Many more Ontarians will receive their stem cell transplants in a timely manner and many more lives will be saved because of these projects.

The 2016 donations collected here in Laura’s fund were sent to support Juravinski’s project. Laura will be specially honoured when this project is completed… both for her financial contribution (thanks to your gifts) and for the fact that she was a catalyst for the changes that have allowed this work to be done.

Here is more about Laura…

In Laura’s last year with us, she was determined to bring public attention to the problem of deadly wait times for stem cell transplants in Ontario and across Canada. In July 2015, Laura achieved remission for the second time from acute myeloid leukemia and was blessed to have a perfect donor match; however, she found out that she would not be able to receive her life-saving transplant for months as there were many waiting ahead of her and not enough resources to handle the demand. To honour Laura’s wishes, Laura’s family is working with Coast to Coast Against Cancer Foundation to gather funds that will be directed to initiatives that will improve the stem cell transplant situation in Ontario. We ask that you consider donating to Laura’s cause. Thank you very much for your support.