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Our Partner - Coast to Coast Against Cancer Foundation

Bike for Tykes is currently partnered with the Coast to Coast Against Cancer Foundation, a not-for-profit organization devoted to fighting childhood cancer.

Coast to Coast

To learn more about Coast to Coast Against Cancer Foundation please visit:


Coast to Coast's Mission:

To create a series of high quality, physically challenging, national and regional events to raise needed funding for worthy childhood cancer charities whose programs improve the survival rate and quality of life of children impacted by cancer.

Coast To Coast's Principles:

Our work is almost exclusively volunteer-based. Our objective is to have 100% of individual receiptable donations distributed to the charities we support. Event costs and Foundation expenses are supported by our corporate sponsors, registration fees and volunteer staff. Our work strives to bridge and encourage collaboration amongst childhood cancer researchers, doctors, agencies, charities and service providers. Our work focuses on the areas of greatest need, where we can make a real impact and drive measurable progress in the fight against childhood cancer.

How Coast to Coast Funds:

Our objective is to direct 100% of the funds we raise to programs and charities that improve the survival rates and quality of life of children and their families living with and beyond cancer. This includes:

  • Transition and Survivorship: Specifically programs that provide ongoing treatment and support for childhood cancer survivors, particularly those suffering from late effects of the disease and its treatment.
  • Research: Specifically investigative research that explores treatments for the toughest and most lethal childhood cancers as well as treatments that prevent toxicities or adverse affects in later life
  • Education: Specifically programs that fund scholarships for research and work in the area of pediatric oncology as well as select programs that facilitate greater collaboration and information sharing among pediatric oncology researchers and practitioners.

Coast to Coast Against Cancer Foundation is proud to state that we distribute 100% of your (receiptable) donations to the programs and charities we support.

Coast to Coast does not:

  • Use professional fundraisers or telemarketers
  • Solicit by phone or door to door
  • Use your donations for administration or overhead
  • Sell or trade your name or address

Coast to Coast Against Cancer Foundation's Governance:

The Coast to Coast Against Cancer Foundation Board of Directors oversees all financial and fudiciary responsibilities in line with our vision and mandate to designate 100% of receiptable donations to the various charities that we support.






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