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Meet our Instructors

Niki Aron

If there was a more passionate word than the word passion, I think I'd use it to describe myself when it comes to health & fitness. Simply, it's changed my life...and I love it. Actually not just health & fitness. More specifically, TRX and Cycle.

Like anyone in the fitness industry, I have tried, trained & taught many different fitness programs.
But TRX and Cycle....yup, are the ones for me.

I've been teaching TRX classes since 2012 and Stages Cycle since 2016. Since working with TRX and Stages, at a facility I formerly owned we held over twenty TRX and Stages educational courses. To date, I have taught just shy of 5000 TRX and cycle classes at clubs like The National Squash Academy, The Uptown POWERSTATION, The Adelaide Club, Pure Fitness, The Royal Canadian Yacht Club and SXS CrossFit.

Because of my second passion - Marketing - I am constantly spreading the good word about the benefits of TRX and Stages Cycle, both as exercise and as a company. Through social marketing and various promotional strategies, I consistently market TRX and Stages Cycle at my former facility (Uptown PowerStation) on an ongoing basis. Over this past couple years, I have been appreciating some very positive results, by attracting a little more than fourteen hundred new people to visit my facility and try out TRX for themselves. Most of them say pretty much the same thing, "It's one hell of a workout, but wow is it fun!"

Regarding training, I've completed the Suspension Training Course, the Sports Medicine TRX Course, TRX functional Training and TRX Training camps and actually the Group Suspension Training Course twice. I’ve also been certified by Schwinn and did the Stages certification twice.
I was fortunate enough to be a part of the Orlando Summit, and felt grateful to be able to meet and learn from many of the head trainers at TRX and Stages.

Regarding my PR, please find below a list of pertinent links - media, video, social, etc.

Niki Aron

#1 Specialty Fitness Club in Toronto (in 2014)

Top 10 Fitness Clubs in Toronto 2016

Best Neighbourhood Gym

Top 10 Unusual Fitness Classes in Toronto

CBC produced a segment on me about Fitness Trends in Toronto

I believe I have maintained an excellent level of service to my clients, and feel this is reflected on my FB and Instagram

So, to put it as blunt as I can...

If you’re reading this bio it’s because you want to know more about me, and now you know. I am a positive, energetic, kick-ass girl. A level 3 TRX instructor with some serious people skills.

Hope you found what you were looking for
Thank you for your time. Have an awesome day!












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