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Meet our Instructors

Lori Kirwan

Lori started working with the human body very early in life -in the 8th grade; she began teaching gymnastics in Sudbury, Ontario. These early experiences helped develop a passion for fitness and teaching. In addition, Lori's academic career focused on studying the body scientifically. She has her Bachelor of Science (Nursing) from Laurentian University, a Master's in Health Science and a Ph.D in Exercise Physiology from University of Toronto. Throughout her academic career, she worked part time as a fitness instructor and trainer in downtown Toronto.

"I feel truly blessed to have discovered very early in life what I was meant to do. I wake up each morning with the same goals: to inspire people to move, to love their bodies, to achieve better health, stronger self-esteem and an enhanced quality of life."

While the early years of her career focused on teaching mainly high intensity fitness classes such as step, cardio-kick and spinning, Lori discovered yoga after suffering a skiing knee injury that sidelined her for several months. "Yoga helped me make a strong connection between my mind and body and taught me to listen to my really pay attention. I feel very lucky to have this experience and I want to share this with others". Lori has studied yoga with many wonderful teachers around the world and teaches her own style of power yoga which is a vigorous athletic yoga derived from Ashtanga. In all of her classes, Lori tries to challenge her participants to their full potential. Her energy and enthusiasm will leave you feeling invigorated for the rest of your day.

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