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Our Event

Our Event

A Bike for Tykes day brings together teams to participate in four exhilarating hours of spin relay on stationary bikes in the Toronto financial district. Over 200 teams and over 1,400 participants take part, while our child ambassadors cheer you on!

Our Cause: Coast To Coast Against Cancer Foundation Translational Clinical Cancer Research Initiative at SickKids

Our Fundraising Goal: +$300,000

Every dollar you raise in support of Bike for Tykes, goes directly to the cause we support. Grab a group of friends or colleagues and join the fun!

Event Date: Thursday June 21, 2018

Event Time: 10:00am-2:00pm

Event Location: TD Courtyard, TD Centre (Southwest corner of King Street and Bay Street)

Who can participate: Sign up a team of up to 4, 6 or 8 spinners, or as a solo cyclist and cycle the whole 4 hours. No prior spinning or training required. First-class spin instructors will lead you from the centre stage while music, refreshments, prizes, shirts, and more await you!

Registration Fees: Thanks to our generous sponsors, there is no registration fee to participate. However, Bike for Tykes asks each team to meet a minimum fundraising requirement of $1000. On average our teams raise $2000. Every dollar raised by our participants goes to support the Coast To Coast Against Cancer Foundation Translational Clinical Cancer Research Initiative at SickKids.

Team Size: Teams range from 1 to a maximum of 8 team members.
Team members spin as a relay so if your team consists of:

Our Event

  1. one participant, the solo spinner spins all 4 hours continuously
  2. two participants, each spinner spins 2 hours each, either one after the other or alternating over the 4 hour period
  3. four participants, each spinner spins one hour, one after the other
  4. six participants, two spinners spins for one hour and 4 spinners ride 30 mins each, in any order you want one after the other; and
  5. eight participants, each spinner spins for 30 mins, one after the other.

Event Day Action: On event day teams will convene in the TD Courtyard and be assigned to a team bike. Spinners will have divided the 4 hours of spinning time between their members and arranged for pass off of the relay at the time mark accordingly. The first spinner will jump on the team's bike at 10:00am and the last spinner will dismount the team's bike at 2:00pm. For the time in between, top notch spin instructors will lead the spinning fun from the stage, rotating on the hour. Our child ambassadors are also there, at the centre of the corral, energetic and eager to cheer spinners on while distributing fresh towels, water, bananas, and prizing to participants.

Best Team Costume: Take home this amazing trophy and our fabulous prize simply by getting your team to be creative and come dressed in your best costumes. Great for team bonding!!


Location Location Location

The courtyard is on the south side of King St. West just west of Bay St.

TD Courtyard (southwest corner of King and Bay)

66 Wellington Street West, Toronto

See the area shaded area in the map above and follow the music! 


Registration Time and DatE

The registration desk opens at 8:30 am.  The ride begins at 10am sharp! The first rider on your team must arrive by 9:30am - we ask that each rider thereafter arrive 30 minutes prior to their spinning shift. 

Upon arrival, please do the following:

  • Check-in at the Registration Desk to collect your awesome, coveted dri-fit T-shirt, verify your online waiver or complete a paper waiver, and turn in any pledge sheets with the associated cash and cheques.   
  • Hydrate and protect your skin from the sun (we hope!) - water, towels and sunscreen will be provided.
  • Stretch, smile and take in the moment. Congratulate yourself for your contribution to helping improve the lives of children living with and beyond cancer!


Donation and Pledge Deadline (for prizes) is 1:30pm

Pledges must be handed in to the Registration Desk or received on-line by no later than 1:30pm on the day of the event to be eligible for our exciting prizes. All cheques should be made payable to Coast to Coast Against Cancer Foundation.

All cash and cheque pledges can be entered online in your account to display against your account. If these pledges are not keyed in online, you need to complete a pledge form. All credit card donations should be made online.

Post event funds are possible and encouraged - 1:30PM is the Prize deadline.


Shower & Change Facilities - Amenities

Complimentary shower and change facilities are available nearby at:

Directions to both facilities will be available at the Registration Desk. When arriving to the clubs, please tell the front desk that you are a participant of the Bike for Tykes event.


Bike Map

To register for this year's Bike for Tykes relay, please visit Register.

Meet the team who makes our spectacular day happen:

Our Ambassadors

Our Spin Instructors

Our Team






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