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Our Cause


Every year Bike for Tykes chooses a charitable children's program to support. Since 2012, Bike for Tykes has been spinning in support of childhood cancer research.

What is the Coast To Coast Against Cancer Foundation Translational Clinical Cancer Research Initiative at SickKids?

Bike for Tykes funds will support three areas at SickKids:

  1. Clinical Trials - As Canada's national hub for paediatric cancer clinical trials, funding Clinical Trials infrastructure at SickKids will allow more children across Canada to access less toxic, more effective cancer treatments and will bring innovative therapies to children across Canada facing a cancer diagnosis.
  2. Bone Marrow Transplant Unit –The paediatric health-care environment is rapidly changing - driven by more complex patients, increasingly advanced technology, and a shift towards more collaborative, networked care delivery. In order to adapt to this new environment and continue to lead transformational change that will improve the lives of children and families facing cancer everywhere, we must invest in a bold vision for the future.  This gift will enable the trans­formation of the bone marrow transplant unit into a more spacious, family-friendly space that incorporates advances in patient safety and technology.
  3. Garron Family Cancer Centre at SickKids Priorities - Supporting the highest priorities of the Garron Family Cancer Centre will enable SickKids to keep pace with the latest developments in research and technology so the hospital can provide better outcomes for children with cancer.  The paediatric cancer care landscape is vastly different than just a few years ago. Advances in research and treatment have shifted our focus at every level. This gift allows SickKids to seize new opportunities as they occur and respond quickly to new directions in childhood cancer.

Why Research?

Despite enormous advances in the past 20 years, cancer is the most common cause of disease-related death in children. SickKids is the largest childhood cancer treatment centre in Canada and a major contributor to international paediatric clinical trials. SickKids researchers are poised to identify new predictors and are working to develop innovative therapies that will transform clinical practice and dramatically improve the outcomes and quality of life of children affected by cancer and their families.

More children are surviving their cancer diagnosis than ever before. However, the majority of childhood cancer survivors will experience long-term, chronic health issues that can seriously impact their ability to live full, productive lives. At SickKids, we have come a long way, but we still have further to go to ensure safe, effective treatments exist for every child with cancer and to ensure our facilities keep pace with advances made in the field.

Through this initiative, Bike for Tykes is supporting the expansion of the SickKids Clinical Trials Support Unit, the redevelopment of the Bone Marrow Transplant (BMT) Unit as well as supporting the greatest priorities of the Garron Family Cancer Centre. These investments have the greatest potential for Bike for Tykes, and you, to make the most impact on children and families across Canada affected by childhood cancer.







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