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Why Donate

Why Donate

Each year, Bike for Tykes and our charitable partner select a children's initiative to support. Since 2012, Bike for Tykes has been in partnership with Coast to Coast Against Cancer Foundation, raising funds to support childhood cancer research initiatives at SickKids.

Our giving model is transparent. Every dollar you provide in support of Bike for Tykes, goes directly to this cause. We pride ourselves on being able to flow through 100% of donations raised by participants to the charitable programs we support.

Donate to support a friend. Donate to support a team. Donate to support Bike for Tykes. We appreciate your generosity. You have the assurance that your contribution is going where it can make a difference.

To learn more about the childhood cancer research initiatives we support at SickKids, please visit >> Our Cause.

To learn more about our spinning relay day and how to get involved, please visit >> Event Day.

To meet our magnificent Children Ambassadors, Bike for Tykes' bright stars and our inspiration doing what we do, please visit >> Our Ambassadors.











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