Sullivan Family

Sullivan Family

Age: Finn, Baird and Sarah

Sullivan Family

  • Hometown: Vancouver, British Columbia
  • Year of Diagnosis: 2007
  • Diagnosis: Rhabdomyosarcoma

In the News: Finnspiration on Global Morning News

(As told by Father Patrick)

Some facts about my treatment:

During his treatment Finn endured over 70 anaesthetics for surgeries, scans, urological procedures etc. Our whole family had to travel to Boston for two months for specialized radiation treatment and later we went to Spokane for a specialized medical procedure that gave us another magical month.

What I want people to know about me

That Finn was the boy who lived with cancer, not the boy who died. That Finn never lost a battle ever

My favourite day was

Far too many to count.

The worst thing about having cancer

That Finn is no longer physically with us.

What do you want to be when you grow up?

I want to be able to say we have changed treatments and results by the time Finn’s twin brother Baird and big Sister Sarah when they grow up

My message to other kids undergoing treatment

Run Jump Bounce Dance Sing Love Smile and Ride

If you could have one superpower strength, what would it be?

To understand the entire human genome.

If I had three wishes they would be…

Finn, better answers, better treatments

I’m involved with Coast to Coast because…

To change the story for others

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