Stephen Radu

Stephen Radu

Born: April 15, 1993

  • Hometown: Red Deer, Alberta
  • Year of Diagnosis: 2006
  • Diagnosis: Brain tumor, Primitive neuroectodermal tumor

What words of wisdom do you have for a child undergoing treatment: Stay positive no matter what. Things may not always go your way, but it is still better to be optimistic than live in a world of doom and gloom.

Who has influence you the most: I believe that my mom and my dad have influenced me the most over my life. I’ve learned so many things from both of them and love them so much

What would you do differently given the opportunity: If I had the opportunity do something different would be to spend more time with my family and friends rather than working so hard.

Why do you do what you do:   I’m in Business Administration majoring in Marketing and I chose marketing because I feel my organized and hard-working attitude would combine great with my personal creativity.

Why are you involved with Coast to Coast Against Cancer Foundation: Coast to Coast is a great Foundation with great messages. Giving support to those fighting cancer, those who have lost, and those who need our help, is why Coast to Coast is so important!

Our Featured Ambassador

This is Josh Nelson – a childhood cancer survivor. He knows about facing all the challenges of childhood cancer:

“I know first-hand how it feels to be a prisoner in the hospital and endure the surgeries and the endless needles and treatments. I know how it feels to lose my hair, throw up regularly and watch other kids around me earn their wings. I lost a part of my childhood that I will never get back. I know how it feels to look different and to be different. That’s something that I wouldn’t wish for any other kid to go through, and that is why I do what I do.”

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