Rohit Ahuja

Rohit Ahuja

February 4, 1996 - November 1, 2010

  • Hometown: Abbotsford, British Columbia
  • Year of Diagnosis: 2006
  • Diagnosis: Rhabdomyosaracoma
Rohit Ahuja was a loving and energetic individual with a considerable measure of empathy. He was born in Abbotsford b.c. on February 4, 1996. Rohit was born into a big family surrounded by many friends and family. He was very adventurous and enjoyed spending most of his leisure time outdoors with his friends. Rohit was in the MSA soccer team and had accomplished his way into the gold group after a considerable measure of hard work and commitment. At the age of ten years old life took a different path in Rohits life, and he was diagnosed with a rare soft tissue cancer, known as Rhabdomyosaracoma. Battling cancer became a progressing fight for Rohit and he fought this disease for a long time with no remission.
Rohit was an exceptionally brave kid, he spent most of his time in the B.C. Children’s hospital after being diagnosed, however this didn’t keep him from having fun. He enjoyed participating in the recreational activities that the B.C. children’s hospital provided. Rohit also loved to play video games with his friends and cousins. His favourite game was NHL. Rohit loved the colour blue and was very passionate about the Canucks, he was always cheering for the Stanley cup, and after his passing in Nov 1, 2010 the Canucks made it to the finals. Many knew Rohit as a cheerful young man, which is incorporated in the importance of his name, in the indian culture rohits name withholds the meaning “rays of sun”. Rohit’s smile could light up each corner and he spread joy wherever he went. Rohit left behind a legacy, which will never be overlooked and we plan to keep on shining for him

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