Megan McNeil

Megan McNeil

Age: 20 | Vancouver, BC

Megan McNeil

  • Hometown: Vancouver, British Columbia

In the News:

Hobbies and Interests: Music, singing, running, dance, eating

Type of cancer that has affected me or my family: Adrenalcortical Carcinoma

Number of years on treatment: Over 2 1/2

Number of celebrated years off treatment: None yet… But hopefully soon to come!

My toughest challenge with childhood cancer: No longer having control over your own life; the uncertainty of it all Describe some great things that have come about through your journey of childhood cancer: I’ve met some amazing people and made some great new friends, gained a whole new appreciation for life, found out who my true friends were and became a lot closer to some people… Also you get some awesome experiences like hockey games, concerts, etc.

Describe your Best Day: That’ll be the day that I’m given the “all clear”! But there’s a couple highlights like my Make A Wish to meet Ellen Degeneres and also meeting Michael Buble.

Tell us about your Worst Day: A couple… The day I was diagnosed and also the two times that I relapsed as well.

Tell us what Coast to Coast Against Cancer means to me:Hopefully with the help of CTCACF, no child will have to face this horrible disease in the future. Cancer has become a huge part of my life, but it shouldn’t have to be a part of anyone else’s.

Tell us what your message is to our riders, volunteers, sponsors and all Canadians Riders: You guys are amazing. Thank you for helping kids and teens like me get better… I know I wouldn’t have the stamina to do what you are all doing! Volunteers- You do more than your part as well in this fundraiser… Thank you for giving up your time to help as well. All Canadians- This is a really great cause. Cancer affects everyone, so why not spread the word? I really enjoyed being the ambassador last year and am looking forward to being your spokesperson again this year!


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