Leah Cross

Leah Cross

February 23, 2001

  • Hometown: Kingston, Ontario
  • Diagnosis: Bone Marrow Donor, May 2010

Why are you involved in Coast to Coast Against Cancer Foundation: My sister Megan had cancer (twice) and I was her bone marrow donor. My dad rode across Canada a number of times and I love what the foundation does with the Inside Ride

What’s the first thing you notice about people: How excited yet shy they are around new people, then a few seconds in how much of a good impact they have on you and others

What are some things that make you really happy: Seeing other people happy. When friends are laughing and smiling, seeing beautiful things happen in nature and being around people who love me.

What are some of your major goals in life: I would really like to play at a Division 1 school for basketball and play for the Canadian Women’s Basketball Team. I would also like to be a pediatric nurse

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