Katie Wilson

Katie Wilson

March 29 1995-Feb 10, 2011

  • Hometown: Carrying Place, Ontario
  • Year of Diagnosis: 2010
  • Diagnosis: Osteosarcoma

Some facts about my treatment:

Katie Wilson was a very typical teenager at age 15. She was in her first year of high school learning to balance school and sports and of course what every teenage girl likes.. Boys.. She was a crazy loud bubbly and yes annoying baby sister to Jacqui and John. She was very active in her church and loved playing the character “freckles the clown”. She was a very busy and active girl.

In the spring of 2010, she began to complain of knee pain. It came and went and since she had just finished her basketball and volleyball season no one thought much of it. She finally asked her mom to take her to the doctor after a group of friends were playing around and someone landed on her knee. The doctor figured maybe it might be cartilage damage, so he ordered an x-ray and MRI.From that point on.. life changed forever for the Wilson family. The initial x-ray showed something suspicious so the dr ordered another one. From that point on, they knew something was wrong and Katie was sent to Mt. Sinai Hospital to the specialized sarcoma unit where on June 7, 2010 it was confirmed that Katie had osteosarcoma. (Same cancer as Terry Fox). Katie quickly became the darling on the floor as her positive outlook and crazy fun loving spirit encouraged everyone around her. When she knew that she would be losing her leg, the first thing she said was , “well I guess I will need half as many razors as I will only have one leg to shave” After 4 months of treatment , it was clear that conventional chemo was not working and she was sent across the street to Sick Kids hospital. For the next 4 months Katie was treated at Sick Kids and despite her own treatment loved to assist the younger cancer patients with crafts and other activities. She was able to enjoy many of the in hospital Camp OOCH programs which helped her thru many days.

Katie faced her cancer with courage, grace and the support of many family, friends and her community that rallied around her. Many fundraisers and events were planned to help the expenses the family faced. Katie was told in Jan 2011 that there was nothing more they could do for her, yet she lived each day to the fullest and was blessed with so many who rallied around her and gave her the best early sweet 16 party, mall trips with her friends and so much more.

On Feb. 10, 2011 just 8 months after her diagnosis and just 6 weeks before her sweet 16th.. Katie passed away at Sick kids surrounded by family and friends. Her life continues to inspire and encourage so many. Many RAKK’s (random act of kindness for Katie) are done on a regular basis; Kickin with Katie has been a team name to raise much needed funds for childhood cancer and osteosarcoma research.

It is interesting to note that in the very first Tour for Kids ride, Katie’s uncle Chris was one of the riders and Katie (who was 8) and her family set up a road side stand to cheer them on and then when they got to Camp Trillium Katie was on stage dancing with kids from the camp. It seemed so ironic that 7 years later Coast to Coast would become such a big part of her family’s life. They are so thankful for the opportunity to continue to be part of a great organization that means so much to the families of kids with cancer.

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