James McKeddie

James McKeddie

July 16, 2004 - April 17 2013

James McKeddie

  • Hometown: Toronto, Ontario
  • Year of Diagnosis: 2011
  • Diagnosis: Disseminated Low Grade Glioma

Some facts about my treatment:

“Smile, laugh and celebrate each day as the very special gift that it is”

Our darling James was a little boy who had an incredible happy heart. He was known for his beautiful smile and his immense laughter. James adored his family and friends and we loved him beyond words.

He was well known for his love of playing soccer and as a great scorer. He loved to play with his race cards, build lego, sing, do puzzles, colour and bake. He was food connoisseur; he loved talking about and helping to prepare meals. James was a #1 fan of Thomas the Tank Engine and spent endless fun filled hours playing with his Thomas collection.

James faced each day with laughter, excitement and joy. He celebrated each day as the special gift that it was. This was more evident then by the way that he dealt with his journey with disseminated low grade glioma (brain and spinal cord tumours). He was diagnosed in August 2011.

James’ disease did not define him but it was how he dealt with his disease that defined him. He did so with immense courage, optimism and determination. He had to endure nine months of chemotherapy, many brain surgeries, suffer- ing a severe seizure that cause him to go into a coma and to be admitted to ICU on a respirator. James also lost his ability to walk independently but he never complained through any of this. He always had a “thank you for helping me”, a smile and a high five for his entire medical team.

James overcame many, many serious obstacles and challenges during his journey. In his tender eight years, he touched and inspired so many.

On April 17, 2013 our darling James passed away very peacefully surrounded with the love, hugs and kisses of his Mommy, Dada and his loving sister Mary.

We will honour our darling James and incredible spirit by doing as he did: celebrating each day as the very special gift that it is.

Thank you to all of the participants and organizers. Please know that all of your wonderful work and efforts touches many children and their families in a very beautiful way

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