Hannah Mackenzie

Hannah Mackenzie

Born: February 17, 1993

  • Hometown: Halifax, Nova Scotia
  • Year of Diagnosis: ALL, 2007
  • Diagnosis: Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia

Who has influenced you the most; There are 3 people in my life who have influenced me the most. My parents, seeing how strong and independent they both are. Having a sick child is the worst thing in the world, and my parents never let me see their fear or worry- but rather gave me the strength I needed to fight. I love them more than anyone or anything.

The other person who has influenced me the most is Dr. Bruce Crooks. This man saves childrens lives everyday, and in the process of doing so allows them to not feel afraid or scared about what they are going through, but rather feel as though they have a giant family behind them to support them. He does everything he can for the cause of childhood cancer, and he is one of the most amazing and gifted men I have ever and will ever know. It is because of him that I have the ability to be an ambassador for this amazing organization, and for that I am forever thankful.

What dreams and goals inspired you to succeed: The dream that I will be able to wake up everyday doing something that I love to do, because I chose that path and am happy with it. How I have goals for this is taking my time in life, and exploring many different options.

What words of wisdom do you have for a child undergoing treatment: Everything is going to be okay, yes I know that this is the scariest time in your life right now and you are probably thinking ʺ why meʺ. But, you are strong and tough, and as long as you keep smiling and keep laughing and keep the ones you love around you, everything will be ok.

What do you tell people about your diagnosis/treatment: That is was difficult, but more children have it much harder than I have which is why we need to always remind people to help with the cause.

What are some of your early memories: My earliest memory is when Dr. Crooks asked me to stay the night at the hospital the night before I was diagnosed. It was as if the entire room went into slow motion, and I knew something was wrong. However, Dr. Crooks took my hand and said to me ʺI don’t want to worry you without looking at a few things, so will you please stay the night here so I can help youʺ and I instantly felt a tiny bit better.

What are three good things that resulted from your diagnosis:

  • I matured very quickly, and discovered the kind of person I wanted to be
  • I was able to see how valuable life is, and how short is can be and because of that to never let anything hold you back
  • I met some of the most inspirational people I will ever know

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