Briony Cara Fast

Briony Cara Fast

March 26, 1991 – February 14, 2009

  • Hometown: Calgary, Alberta
  • Year of Diagnosis: April 3, 2007
  • Diagnosis: Brain Cancer ( Anaplastic Astrocystoma)

Some facts about my treatment:

Briony was a vibrant, red headed 16 year old, who loved practical jokes and pushing peoples buttons. She was the organizer of events and even though she was the middle daughter, she always seemed to be the one trying to be in charge.

In July 2006 we moved to Calgary from our hometown of Penticton, shortly after moving here, she showed signs that something wasn’t right, she was dizzy all the time, she had mood swings that were not constant with her personality. It would take 6 months of going back & forth to our family doctor before she was sent to the Alberta Children’s Hospital for an emergency MRI. This day will forever be the day that changed our family and our world.

She underwent 42 days of radiation with chemotherapy in hopes of shrinking the tumor as it was inoperable. Along the way, she developed an allergy to ondansetron and her organs began to deteriorate from the chemo.

Though we spent many weeks at a time in hospital, she never lost her sense of humour, often playing jokes on the nurses and doctors. She would help the little kids on the unit, as she felt that they were given a rough road. Dressing up for Halloween and going door to door, reverse Treat or treating, so the little ones who were too sick could have treats too.

In the summer of 2008, she went off treatment as the protocol was too hard on her body. The choice to stop treatment and give her back some normal was made. That summer the family went on her wish trip to Australia, a place she had always wanted to go, she flew by herself back to spend
Two weeks with her friends in Penticton doing all the things teenagers do when the parents aren’t looking.

On November 17, 2008 Briony was given the news that the tumor was in a final aggressive stage and that she would have not have much time. We gathered her friends and family while she was still able to enjoy their company and had a final house party.

February 14, 2009, Briony passed away quietly at home with her family and puppy around her. We miss her with all our hearts, she will be the wind at our backs, when we ride in her honor.

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