Brandon Ducharme

Brandon Ducharme

Born: April, 2006

Brandon Ducharme

  • Hometown: Stratford, Alberta
  • Year of Diagnosis: August 2010
  • Diagnosis: Leukemia

Some facts about my treatment:

After 3 yrs of treatment I will be done my last round of chemo on Oct 18, 2013

What I want people to know about me

I want people to know I am a survivor

My favourite day was

Will be my last round of chemo BUT in the last 3yrs I have had too many favourites to pick one….CFL foot ball game, Knights Hockey game, London lightning game, walking in relay for life, being a change bandit, speaking on radio for Make-a-wish, karate in the hospital, singing and dancing with nurses making music video…

The worst thing about having cancer

Feeling sick from the medicine.

What do you want to be when you grow up?

A musician (saxophone player)

My message to other kids undergoing treatment

Be brave, stay strong…and we love you

If you could have one superpower strength, what would it be?

To punch through cancer.

If I had three wishes they would be…

No more needles, no more breathing exercises, no more leukemia and lung disease.

I’m involved with Coast to Coast because…

To help them support other families and children like us (me)

Our Featured Ambassador

This is Josh Nelson – a childhood cancer survivor. He knows about facing all the challenges of childhood cancer:

“I know first-hand how it feels to be a prisoner in the hospital and endure the surgeries and the endless needles and treatments. I know how it feels to lose my hair, throw up regularly and watch other kids around me earn their wings. I lost a part of my childhood that I will never get back. I know how it feels to look different and to be different. That’s something that I wouldn’t wish for any other kid to go through, and that is why I do what I do.”

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