Alex Pace

Alex Pace

Born: 1997

Alex Pace

  • Hometown: Oakville, Ontario
  • Year of Diagnosis: 2007
  • Diagnosis: Osteosarcoma

“Behind your dancing eyes: a brilliant mind, a brave and loving heart, a pure soul…”

Alex was a very focused, mature, sweet, caring child who took on a love of books and learning from a very young age. He felt things deeply and could laugh and cry with the best of them. In March 2007 at age 10, Alex began feeling a great deal of pain in his left thigh. Following a battery of tests -x-rays, MRIs, ultrasounds, bone scans and ultimately a biopsy, we were delivered the devastating blow – Alex had osteosarcoma – bone cancer. As he did in everything in his young life, Alex faced this news with a maturity and an understanding far beyond his years.

On April 4, 2007, he began an aggressive 10 month chemotherapy protocol as well as undergoing 2 very invasive surgeries. In October, Alex underwent an 11 hour surgery with 2 medical teams to address the primary tumour in his left femur, nodes on his left lung and his left rib. His femur was replaced with a metal rod, his knee was replaced, and he sported a scar from mid shin to above his hip. In November, Alex again underwent another surgery to address the metastases in the right ankle, right hip and and right lung.

Alex faced these unbelievable challenges with grace and maturity and never once complained about the challenges that he faced. He struggled through the pain and all of the physiotherapy and amazed all of the health professionals with his progress and determination. That summer, Alex enjoyed time at the family cottage – his favourite place in the world. He read endless books, swam, played frisbee, built sandcastles and even went tubing with his brother and cousins. Life seemed good.

However, on November 7, 2008 this all changed. We were faced with our darkest day as we learned that Alex had developed AML (a form of Leukemia). Now he was faced with 2 terminal illnesses. Alex passed away on February 12, 2009, weeks shy of his 12th birthday. In his short life, he taught us so much about courage, determination and his ability to stay focused, connected, simple yet magnificent; he left us in awe. As we struggle through his loss, we are constantly surrounded by a community of friends and family wanting to give back to Alex. We have forged new friendships and strengthened old ones in an effort to live out everything Alex represented – love and goodness.

“…Sleep well, sweet prince.”

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