My Week at the COCA Conference

By Kristin Douma

Coca ConferenceA few weeks ago, I got a call from Jeff asking if I liked Whistler. Once I replied “Yes” (as any sane person would). I discovered I had agreed to represent the Inside Ride at the week-long national conference of the Canadian Organization of Campus Activities (COCA). After reading some more about the organization, I realized it would be a great opportunity to spread the Inside Ride word to over 120 delegates from Newfoundland to BC. These delegates are students employed part time or full time campus employees who are responsible for planning student life and booking campus experiences for their students. For anyone who has ever been to an Inside Ride – you know this is one of the most entertaining and fulfilling fundraising events out there. So that’s the message I packed in to my suitcase, and traveled 4,000km to deliver.

COCA ConferenceThroughout the week I’ve met some fantastic people, who have created the sort of energy that an event like the Inside Ride needs. This conference has been packed full of energy, excitement, fresh ideas, a friendly, open community and even some costumes and theme parties were scattered throughout the week! Over the past 2 days, I’ve been manning the CTCACF booth at the “Biz Hall”, where students can meet and talk to people who are offering events or entertainment at their schools. Although my booth was packed with brochures, business cards, posters, pictures and video I knew the only way these delegates would really get it was by joining us on the National Inside Ride Tour this September. And I think we’re in luck –  several teams of 6 will be joining us on our trip across Canada, and will be given the chance to see what The Inside Ride can do for their campus! We look forward to meeting these delegates and their teams as we cross the country – and hope that this is just the beginning of The Inside Ride spreading its wings!

Coca ConferenceWith every water bottle or business card I handed out, and every hand I shook I knew we were getting one step closer to making a difference in the lives of kids living with and beyond cancer. Our team knows that Canada’s colleges and universities can be a big part of this change – and after this week, I know that they will. Thanks for a great week, COCA!

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