Emily Batty Project – FAQ

Who are the charities and programs you work with?

Who are the charities and programs you work with? We collaborate with a variety of charities, programs, and clubs. We are currently aiming to seek out and support those that are in need the most. A few great examples are Durham Shredders, MyFirstWheels, Operation Share The Ride, and many others.

Where does the money go?

The money goes to select charities, programs, and clubs and we directly work with those involved to make sure the money is used and dispersed to be most effective.

How do we get Emily and Friends to our event or program?

Please feel free to contact us at the link here or on our contact page.

What age group of youth are you focused on?

We focus on ages 23 and under.

Do you provide tax receipts for donations?

Yes! Your donation is tax deductible, but because we are a Canadian Foundation, our receipts are only valid for Canadian Residents.

Is The Emily Batty Project making a difference?

We hope we are! So far we have donated 23 kids bikes.

Why are you focused on grassroots cycling?

We focus on grassroots cycling and youth because this is the foundation for the sport of cycling. We hope to grow the sport from the bottom up and empower youth with all learned through sport and participation.

Who receives the kids bikes?

Charities and programs and clubs that are established where the bikes can be maintained and looked after.

How can I make a donation?

You can make a donation by visiting the link here or going to our donation page.

Is the Emily Batty Project only in Canada or is it global?

For the time being, we are focused on charities, programs and clubs within Canada as that is where we feel we can make the largest impact. However, we are committed to reaching all global youth cycling initiatives and volunteering our time.